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Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to the success of most websites, and how you use your keywords is a big contributing factor to that success. It becomes even more important if you’re relying purely on organic search results to drive traffic to your website, rather than paid advertising.

Source: 9 Places to Insert Keywords on Your Website – Addicott Web, Raleigh Web Designer & Raleigh WordPress Website Designer

Join many groups on Facebook

0- It is recommanded to use Firefox browser

1- You have to install iMacros on your browser

2- It is recommanded to transform your Facebook settings into English(US)

3- Run iMacros, this is a script to upload and run into it (I recommand to not exceed 100 group joining requests per day, to avoid your account to be blocked)

/* imacros facebook group joiner version 1.0 Created by Dinesh Bhosale */
iimDisplay(“Please don’t extensively use this script. keep the time-outs as long as possible otherwise you will temporarily get banned from joining Facebook Groups. Make sure that your language preference is set to EN(US) because Facebook creates different site layouts for different languages. This script is created by Dinesh Bhosale and should not be used for commercial use without appropriate permissions, For more info, email the author at mr.dinesh.bhosale@gmail.com”);
var kw=prompt(“Enter keyword to search groups”,””);
var num=prompt(“Enter number of groups to join.”,”10″);
macro = “CODE:”;
macro +=”SET !TIMEOUT_STEP 20\n”;
macro +=”SET !TIMEOUT_PAGE 60\n”;
macro +=”SET !TIMEOUT_TAG 30\n”;
iimDisplay(“Incase if you are banned by Facebook then don\’t worry, ban is temporary and it will be removed in few days.”);
macro +=”TAB T=1\n”;
macro +=”URL GOTO=https://www.facebook.com/search/str/”+kw+”/keywords_groups\n”
macro +=”WAIT SECONDS=50\n”;
macro +=”URL goto=javascript:document.getElementsByClassName(‘_5b_7’)[3].click();\n”;
macro +=”WAIT SECONDS=50\n”;
macro +="URL goto=javascript:document.getElementsByClassName('uiMorePagerPrimary')[1].click();\n";
macro +="WAIT SECONDS=60\n";
macro +="URL goto=javascript:document.getElementsByClassName('_42ft')["+a+"].click();\n";
retcode1 =iimPlay(macro);

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